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Welcome to Join CSCMB !

  • 1. The member of right and obligations is as below:
    • (1) The valid member should pay the annual fee every year regularly.
    • (2) If the member does not pay the annual fee more than three years, he would be removed the membership.
    • (3) The CSCMB would send updated newsletter to members.
    • (4) More details would be demonstrated in the Organization Regulation.
  • 2. Become the member of CSCMB
    • (1) Payment:
      • 1)Cash
      • 2)Postal remittance
        • Account Number: 14235251
        • Account Name:中華民國細胞及分子生物學學會
      • 3)Bank remittance or ATM transfer
        • Bank:兆豐國際商業銀行東內湖分行(銀行代碼017)
        • Account Number: 067-09-00046-9
        • Account Name: 中華民國細胞及分子生物學學會 龔行健
    • (2)Apply form
      • 1)Online registration
      • 2)E-mail/ Fax the apply form and receipt to CSCMB
          Fax: +886+37+580-784
  • 3. To be the valid member of CSCMB
    • (1) The valid member should pay the annual fee every year regularly.
    • (2) Please scan the receipt of the annual fee to the website or fax to CSCMB.
          Fax: +886+37+580-784
    • (3) Update your personal information (such as phone number, e-mail, etc.) on the website.
  • 4.Receipt: The receipt would be sent to you after finishing the payment. The name of receipt would be the person basically. If you need to change the name to be your affiliation, please contact CSCMB.
  • 5.Criteria of payment
  • Student member Ordinary member Group member
    Entrance fee NTD 100 NTD 300 NTD 3,000
    Annual fee NTD 100 NTD 500 NTD 5,000
    Ps. The new comer: the entrance fee and annual fee The valid member: the annual fee